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Job Title: Product Development Engineer


Research new chemical processes and technologies relevant to footwear production;

Evaluate current manufacturing processes and identify opportunities for gains in manufacturing efficiency and increasing sustainability with focus on bonding processes, printing, painting and other surface embellishments;

Collaborate with chemical vendors, technology vendors, and manufacturing teams to implement the technologies into mass production;

Work as a team member to develop a standard operating procedure (SOP) for each new footwear product to support smooth processes and technology implementation;

Assist in solving any sort of technical /quality problem that may arise during the development of a new footwear product;

Work closely and communicate often with other Engineers in manufacturing plants in Asia to obtain consistency in technical aspects and production across respective category;

Estimate costs early in the development phase and assist completing ROI (return of investment) analysis with complete explanations of benefits and costs;

Stay abreast of chemical requirements and prohibition applicable to footwear and its production processes at the state, federal, and global level to ensure product safety and compliance.


This Position need at least a BS in Chemical Engineering or a related field. Salary is competitive. Bilingual in both Chinese and English preferred.

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