Newsletter | Jan. 7 2022

Newsletter | Jan. 7 2022

In footwear industry news, Johnston & Murphy a men’s footwear brand is harnessing the power of apps. The app in question is Yoobic. It serves as an all in one employee communication platform with task management tracking.

The main draw of Yoobic is the real-time flow of information from frontline store cashiers to the back-end office managers. The app allows a large company such as Johnston & Murphy, to be able to react quickly and adapt their promotions and strategies.


Uber is continuing their push to sell more than just rides and food. In their latest move, Uber released a seasonally-themed online store. They call it the Holiday Shop, which serves as a “holiday hub” on the Uber Eats platform. The hub will expand and rotate seasonally through 2022 and beyond. 

Currently how the Holiday Shop work mainly revolves around selling Christmas Tree deliveries. It is only available in select cities. Depending on their success, will we see Uber move to delivery of tuxes and gowns from retail stores?

Doordash is also pushing their own form of delivery called DashMart. They are pushing towards an online convenience store for their customers. To make this happen DoorDash has partnered with Kroger to help fill and complete these orders.

We’ll continue to pay attention to these delivery services and what industries they branch into. “The last mile” world of delivery seems to be how Uber and others will gain their edge against the supply-chain giant Amazon.


Looking forward to 2022, retailers will need to pay attention to the rise in “last mile” delivery options. More companies in 2022 will begin to push into delivery and fulfillment centers such as Walmart.

Walmart plans to add micro-fulfillment centers beside its stores to retrieve goods for online orders. Alongside “last mile” delivery, in 2022 there will be more strides in utilizing e-commerce and data to personalize the customer experience. It already exists for luxury stores that utilize online customer profiles to better cater their clientele.

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